Tower Spirit

There are 8 Tower Spirits in the game. Each Tower Spirit represent one corresponding magic school. They will be unlocked gradually as the player’s level increases. Tower Spirit can also learn more powerful skills through upgrading, each with its own characteristics, and player can even master one later in the game.


Monsters are players’ best assistants to protect Tower Spirit. Player can collect those monsters, upgrade their ability and use them properly in battle to pass the stages. Also some monsters’ skills can only active in PVP, while most monsters’ skills can provide more help in PVE.


The most direct way to obtain a monster. Recommend player use 10x Contract function to draw, this ensure that player can obtain epic monster. Use your Manastone to obtain 1-2 Epic monsters at the beginning of the game is a good deal.

Astral Exploration

Major PVE gameplay in the game. Come on, gather your monster army to defeat those powerful enemies. As the stage difficulty increases, player need to use the blocks and monsters properly in the battle.


The place where player can deploy the card during battle. Each block can only deploy one card. More blocks can provide more advantage for the battle, but player can only expand your block amount after the Boss battle. It’s a good choice to use traps to weaken enemies before they reach the Tower Spirit player need to protect.

Event Selection:

Event Selection scene is the main interface of the core gameplay. The whole process is to continuously select and trigger various events in the event selection scene to move forward. After defeating all the guardians and the final Boss, it means player has passed this stage.

Player can select the two events closest to the current location, and can preview all events that three steps away from the current location. Notice that player can only move forward in the direction of the boss.

Events Detail:

Normal Battle: the most common event, where enemies appear continuously from the portal, win by killing all enemies.

Elite Battle: difficult than Normal Battle, but can obtain more rewards.

Boss Battle:

the last event of each scene must be Boss Battle. Kill the Boss can obtain extra special reward and start the next scene.

Magic Tower: prepare in the Magic Tower, where player can have rest, training monster, upgrade block and block swap.

Shop: spend the Gold obtained from battle to purchase various necessities or special operations.

Speciality Master: spend Gold to learn, replace, swap or remove Speciality.

Random Event: select event randomly, and different choice means different result.

Element & Status

There are 8 element attributes in the game, namely Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Light, Dark, Spirit and Physical. Each monster has its own attribute, and the damage caused in the battle will be displayed in corresponding color. Although there is no attribute restraint in the current game, but different element attribute present different characteristic. For example, fire element more likely to attack, while earth element more likely to defend.


Guild is a platform for players to communicate and help each other, it also has the Guild Assist feature. Player can choose one monster as the Assist Monster. Each player can only use the same Assist Monster once a day, and the Guild Leader and Deputy have the right to reset Guild Assist once a day. Even if player who don’t have powerful monsters, can enjoy the chance to use powerful monsters in the battle through Guild Assist feature. Join Guild to met other magicians as soon as possible!

Battle reward

After each battle, player can obtain certain basic reward, including EXP and Gold. More basic reward can be obtained for Elite Battle and Boss Battle. After winning the battle, there will be three random rewards for player to choose. Player can choices one of them as a reward according to their own needs. The reward type are Summoning Monster, Select Block, Select Gear, Enhance & Combine, and Enhance Tower Spirit.

BOSS Reward

Special reward Only can choice after win the Boss Battle:

Magic Tower Expansion: expand Magic Tower space, add more place to deploy blocks.

Recruit Elite: next 5 times Summoning Monster must obtain trained monster

Special Block: next 5 times Select Block must be upgraded block.

Remove Temple: remove one target native temple.

Detector: next zone's random event will not trigger battle.

Except the Boss Reward, you can still obtain the normal battle reward of this battle. Don’t worry, normal battle reward will not be covered by the BOSS Reward, so go to defeat boss and enhance the team!


Q:Where can i play this game?

A: 1.You can use pc to play entering https://pc-awt.plusfuns.com/ .

2.You can search Astral Wizard's Tower in App Store or Google Play, then download it to play

Q:How can i get all the Tower spirits?

A: You can get all the Tower spirits with the upgrading of the character.

Q:How to get the monster?

A: You can get the monster by contract. Contract has three kinds: Common Contract, Advanced Contract and Friendship Contract.

Q: What is the kind of the block in the game?

A: Four kinds: Battle BlockTrap Block, Facility Block and Temple.

Q:What are the qualities in the game?

A: Five qualities, from the lowest to the highest is common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange).

Q:Why can't my monsters be placed on the grid?

A: You should place a Battle Block at first then you can put your monsters on it.

Q: Can i put my monsters on the Facility Block?

A: No, you can’t.

Q: Where can i find recipe?

A: Click on the menu bar in the upper right corner when you in battle.